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the sampling process for fashion businesses, fashion brands and clothing lines. Sampling process for garment factories. How do you go through the sampling process.


If you’re looking to start a fashion brand, which doesn’t buy and resell products, then you’ll need to make something. That means dealing with factories and going through a sampling process. This is something that I get a lot of questions about, because it’s often misrepresented or not explained properly and needs some clarity on […]

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tech pack software and online technical pack, or tech pack, tools. why they don't work and sell you bad products if you are trying to create or look for a tech pack template


So you want to make your life simple when it comes to creating Tech Packs. You want something that will do the work for you. You want computer software to take away the stress, lack of experience, cost and time of creating Tech Packs….. Well in this post I’ll explain why Tech Pack software only […]

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questions answered about creating a clothing line. startup fashion brands. ask a question and get it answered. Solve problems


When it comes to fashion brands, social media is essential to speak to your customers and find an audience that love your products. I’m always talking about developing relationships with customers and finding out who they are and what they are about, to gain a better relationship and therefore more sales. Serving your customer and providing […]

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Tech Pack for clothing and Spec sheets. Tech Packs contain a spec sheet. How to Create Tech Packs for fashion and clothing. Garment technical packs. Measurements for clothing. Make your own Tech Pack from scratch Tech Packs for clothing and apparel sampling and mass production.


So you’ve worked hard to get a new job or start a fashion brand and now you need to make the products you’ve designed. If you’re confused about Tech Packs for clothing and Spec Sheets, don’t worry! In this post I’m going to explain everything you need to know and by the time you have […]

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How to Create Tech Packs for fashion and clothing. Garment technical packs. Measurements for clothing. Make your own Tech Pack from scratch Tech Packs for clothing and apparel sampling and mass production.


Since Tech Packs for clothing are a subject that I talk about quite a lot and after doing almost 8000 for clients, I thought it might be a good idea to write a book. Actually, it’s more of a step by step, DIY guide, for people who want to create their own Tech Packs for […]

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what is actually in a tech pack for garments or fashion. Cover sheet. Spec Sheet. Flat drawing. Grading. Why do fashion brands or clothing lines need a Tech Pack to manufacture products and garments


If you have ever needed to get a Tech Pack made for clothing, you’ll know that it’s quite a complex document. If you’ve never had a Tech Pack done for your product or collection, then you are about to discover how the professionals put one together. In this post I’m going to cover the contents […]

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4 tips to help you find a good garment factory for starting up a new fashion brand or creating a clothing line. Choose a factory for sampling and manufacturing.

4 Tips to help you choose a good garment factory

For many people who start fashion brands, you probably have designs and ideas already. You may, if you know how to make clothes, have tried out a few samples yourself, even to the point of selling your items online or at craft markets. But if you have got to a point where you want to […]

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button ligne. measuring buttons for manufacturing and sampling. fashion button sizes mm and ligne, For fashion brands, designers and clothing lines

RESOURCE: Measuring Buttons – Ligne

For most people, measuring buttons is a case of just giving a measurement or picking a design you like. In production, we measure the size of a button using something called “Ligne” Wikipedia describes the history of the word as: In the 9th century German button makers began to use the term ligne to measure […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. The 9 step sampling process for manufacturing. Tech Packs and samples for garments and clothing.

The Sampling Process – Retail Style

When you are working with a factory, there is a lot more to do than a simple sketch that gets made a few weeks later. Actually there is an entire process from an initial sample through to production. When you are working with a factory, they have to simplify all processes to make sure that they […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Dressmaking and sewing at home is not the same as manufacturing. The methods and machinery are different. Dressmaking is not retail standard. Craft and hobby terms are not Retail Standard and factories do not understand them.

Dressmaking is NOT Retail Standard

I was having an interesting conversation last week with someone looking to start-up a new fashion brand. They had no background in fashion or retail, which is quite common and actually not as big a problem as many people imagine. To get started, they chose to learn how to make clothes by going to dressmaking classes. […]

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