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5 THINGS EVERY POTENTIAL LUXURY BRAND SHOULD KNOW. If you are thinking about starting a luxury fashion brand or clothing line then you need to know this


So you’re thinking about starting a fashion brand or clothing line. You’re looking at business models and think that luxury is the way forward. Is it because you can design clothes with beautiful fabrics and trims? Maybe you like the idea of fame and being on the front cover of Vogue? Maybe you just think its smart business. Higher […]

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should I use a discount website platform to sell my fashion brand and clothing line? Should I sell my fashion brand on Groupon?


So you need to sell products. Like any brand, or business, sales keep you going. They pay for your costs, overheads and time, so that you can keep doing what you love. So it makes sense, that with an increase in sale and discount sites like Groupon, you’ll be tempted to go for the quick […]

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questions answered about creating a clothing line. startup fashion brands. ask a question and get it answered. Solve problems


When it comes to fashion brands, social media is essential to speak to your customers and find an audience that love your products. I’m always talking about developing relationships with customers and finding out who they are and what they are about, to gain a better relationship and therefore more sales. Serving your customer and providing […]

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customer profiles are key to starting a clothing line or fashion brand. Is there a cheap way to do your customer profile


This weeks answer to the question ‘IS THERE CHEAP WAY TO DO CUSTOMER PROFILES’ For more video’s and answers to your own questions or problems, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel FASHION SERVICES HONG KONG and watch our weekly video playlist, 5 minute Fashion Brand.   P.S If you think this article has been helpful, […]

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The Cart Hook podcast Show #13: Creating a Standout Brand with Vicky Nicholls. Talking about marketing, customer profiles and values for fashion brands, clothing line, businesses and startups

The CartHook Show #13: Creating a Standout Brand with Vicky Nicholls

Are you interested in improving your fashion Brand? A while ago I spent some time with Jordan Gal. Jordan developed software for your shopping cart that improves sales and gets shoppers back to unfinished shopping carts. As well as his busy schedule for his business and family, he also hosts a podcast, The Carthook Show. I really love […]

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Every Emo is truly unique. The trends of the emo dates back to glam rock and punk. Trends develop but never create individuals or unique fashion

Every emo is truly unique

Style can sometimes be mistaken for a fashion theme, and sometimes those who have a particular style can sometimes think that they are true individuals. However, there are times where themes or fashion trends can become more than a quick trend or evolving seasonal theme. Sometimes they can also mean more to a group than […]

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Are your products and garments changing to cope with trends around you. Retail trends that are happening for fashion brands and clothing lines. As a startup or business you must be aware of changing retail market.

The changing landscape. Are your products coping?

As a woman who has just got engaged, planning to marry next summer and a trained fashion designer, dress pressure is high! But being a laid back kind of girl, as is my partner, we wanted to get married outside, in the great outdoors. We’re great lovers of Tolkien and wanted to replicate an event […]

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Exactitudes are a photo series but what they prove is that customer profiles are important to developing products for your business.

What Exactitude is your Customer Profile?

Some time ago I was reading an article about a photographer from Rotterdam, Ari Verslui, who was collaborating with a stylist, Ellie Uyttenbroek, to create a series of photos based around the similarities and differences between groups of people who had never met, but shared striking similarities in their appearance. I wanted to share this […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing collection. If you are on a tight budget here are 10 ways you can do to put together a customer profile in a very basic way and find customers

New Buying Trends and 10 Steps to find Customers

For years the world has been dominated by large corporations and multinational brands, but in recent years that has all changed. The fall of the west, economically, changed everything in retail. The focus for customers has become price since they are all tightening their belts, but in the search for cheaper products, consumers are demanding […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing collection. Adapting trends to suit your customer can be very hard. It's important to understand how and why you need to adapt fashion trends

The Adaption Problem for Trends and Products

‘’My customers don’t like fashion or trends, why should I use them?’’ Now the interesting thing here is that for many reasons, including the fact that the available materials you have and colours available in those materials are down to trends, it’s the wrong question and the wrong attitude. Generally people don’t appreciate the effect […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. A video of developing and understanding customer profiles and why they are so important for your business. It improves sales and stronger loyalty for fashion brands and clothing line.

Customer Profiles [Video]

A little while ago we presented a seminar on Customer profiles, what they are and why they are so important to your new business startup. Every fashion business and new fashion brand should have one because they really are key to your business plans, and if done properly, they will help to make sure you […]

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Marks and Spencer sales and low revenue. Drop in sales due to bad mistakes. Not understanding your customer can hurt your business. Fashion brands and clothing lines.

The mistakes M&S shouldn’t be making

Some years ago I was designing a range for M&S (Marks and Spencer) and I noticed a number of things that I thought were strange. This year their financial report shows that their profits have been down for the third year running, which comes as no surprise to me. It’s tempting to link the slump […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Why a customer profile is so important for successful fashion business. Important for sales.

Customer Profiles: Why you Should do This Before ANYTHING Else!

Your entire business, whether it’s in fashion or in general product retail, hinges on the design of your product. You would think then that product design should be the most important part of your business? WRONG! For example, you might have an amazing product with the most incredible fabric, materials or trims, ethical workforce, and a money-saving or […]

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