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5 THINGS EVERY POTENTIAL LUXURY BRAND SHOULD KNOW. If you are thinking about starting a luxury fashion brand or clothing line then you need to know this


So you’re thinking about starting a fashion brand or clothing line. You’re looking at business models and think that luxury is the way forward. Is it because you can design clothes with beautiful fabrics and trims? Maybe you like the idea of fame and being on the front cover of Vogue? Maybe you just think its smart business. Higher […]

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questions answered about creating a clothing line. startup fashion brands. ask a question and get it answered. Solve problems


When it comes to fashion brands, social media is essential to speak to your customers and find an audience that love your products. I’m always talking about developing relationships with customers and finding out who they are and what they are about, to gain a better relationship and therefore more sales. Serving your customer and providing […]

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fashion trade show. Fashion Access and Cashmere world in Hong Kong. Are fashion trade shows dead? Is it worth doing a trade show or visiting a trade show


As a designer in my early years and a brand builder over the last 15 years, I’ve visited many trade shows in my time. I’ve sourced fabrics, yarns, manufacturers, even a client or two, during my casual chats and of course, trend prediction. They were always bustling with the most important people in fashion retail […]

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fashion brand Boot camp.. Start your fashion brand, business or clothing line in the boot camp. Workshops online

Fashion Brand Boot Camp- Hong Kong

So it’s almost a new lunar year, or in other words, Chinese New Year and to kick off the year of the Monkey, we’re starting your fashion brand off in the best way possible……. our Fashion Brand Boot Camp! Over a series of 15 Workshops, we’ll go from initial idea to consumers and sales, building a […]

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Fashion brand identity for fashion businesses and clothing lines is essential for a strong and stable business. You need to build identity, core values and a reason for building your brand


All fashion brands are completely frivolous. They’re pointless and unnecessary. So why do people buy clothes from them? If you want to make sure you are essential to your customers, then read on. In this post I’m going to explain why you’re fashion brand is unnecessary. Why that doesn’t affect your sales and potential to […]

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The Many Market Levels of Fashion Brands and clothing lines. Which market or customers should you sell to. What market do you choose when you start up

The Many Market Levels of Fashion Brands

Regardless of where you sell your products, you’ll need to decide on a market level for your brand. This will influence the materials you choose, price of the product and the choice you make in your range selection. VALUE MARKET Primark, Wallmart. Any company that places itself in the Value Market will rely on huge […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. A video of developing and understanding customer profiles and why they are so important for your business. It improves sales and stronger loyalty for fashion brands and clothing line.

Customer Profiles [Video]

A little while ago we presented a seminar on Customer profiles, what they are and why they are so important to your new business startup. Every fashion business and new fashion brand should have one because they really are key to your business plans, and if done properly, they will help to make sure you […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Crowd Funding for fashion designers and new collections don't work.

Why Crowd Funding Doesn’t Work for Fashion!

Crowd funding, sometimes called crowd sourcing, is a way to finance new projects. It allows you to post your idea on a website where people can find it and donate money to the project if they like what they see. The person posting the project details the procedure and states the amount of money needed to get the idea […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Dressmaking and sewing at home is not the same as manufacturing. The methods and machinery are different. Dressmaking is not retail standard. Craft and hobby terms are not Retail Standard and factories do not understand them.

Dressmaking is NOT Retail Standard

I was having an interesting conversation last week with someone looking to start-up a new fashion brand. They had no background in fashion or retail, which is quite common and actually not as big a problem as many people imagine. To get started, they chose to learn how to make clothes by going to dressmaking classes. […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Why a customer profile is so important for successful fashion business. Important for sales.

Customer Profiles: Why you Should do This Before ANYTHING Else!

Your entire business, whether it’s in fashion or in general product retail, hinges on the design of your product. You would think then that product design should be the most important part of your business? WRONG! For example, you might have an amazing product with the most incredible fabric, materials or trims, ethical workforce, and a money-saving or […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Some things to consider when you are naming your brand.

How to Name Your Brand

Your name is the first contact people with have with your brand. It will conjure a vision in your customer’s head and that vision will only be successful if it’s the same as what your brand stands for. So before you start writing down words or your name in different fonts, you need to define your […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Multinational retail or hand crafted items. Niche fashion brands and clothing line. Turn craft into a profitable business. Individuality of the smaller brand for the future. Niche and smaller fashion businesses are the future.

Craft: The Future of Fashion

In the last few years, the world of fashion has changed. Large corporations and multinational brands no longer dominate. Because of the West’s economic fall, people are tightening their belts and paying more attention to how much items cost. They’re also demanding better designed products that are made to last. This has led to many […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Why marketing and press too early isn't good for your brad. Why overnight success isn't a good thing.

Why Overnight Success Isn’t a Good Thing.

Most people assume that being an overnight success is a good thing. The press and media follow your every move. There are interviews, pictures and your brand gets promoted by bloggers and famous fashion magazines. Sounds great doesn’t it. But what about the day after? What happens when the next ‘big thing’ is getting all of the attention and people […]

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Create a fashion brand or clothing line. Choosing which designer for your fashion line. Choosing your team for Tech Packs for clothing lines

What designer should I choose? Cheap or expensive?

So what designer should you choose? This is a great question, and one that most people would answer with ‘’the cheapest’’. If you are looking to start an idea or you’re developing an existing fashion company, cheaper makes sense on the surface. Maybe you’re tight on money or you already have a concept for your fashion […]

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